Liverpool started all its scrubs against Real Madrid

Heading into a tiny regional competition called the Champions League against minnows Real Madrid, Brendan Rodgers made the shrewd tactical decision to start all his shitty players.

Kolo Toure is more than capable of dealing with the middling, limited attack of unknowns like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Of course, the British press members slammed their fists into their breasts and breathed something about honor and valor (misspelled with extra ‘U’s).

Okay, but really, Real Madrid spanked Liverpool 3-0 just two weeks ago, and that was at Anfield. Now in Spain, there wasn’t a whole lot of hope anyway.

Given that Liverpool is tied for second in the group, likely to lose the game anyway, and the tie-breaker is head-to-head rather than goal difference, this is actually a somewhat considered move from Rodgers. Still, it doesn’t look great.

Liverpool fans responded nonchalantly by playing keep-away from the Madrid cops.

UPDATE: Liverpool’s scrubs only lost 1-0, which is the same scoreline that the supposedly superior first team lost to Newcastle United, so who even knows anymore.