You’re not going to believe who tops the Forbes highest-paid athlete list (just kidding, you will)

It’s Floyd Mayweather. But, because he doesn’t play soccer and therefore doesn’t matter in the universe, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

Forbes paid a bunch of nerds to press buttons on calculators and come up with estimates of how much each athlete earned this year (wages plus endorsements). Here’s the full list.

Cristiano was second on the all-sports list.

Ronaldo ranks second overall with total earnings of $80 million. We estimate his pre-tax Real Madrid salary, including bonuses, at $52 million for the past 12 month (Ronaldo’s salary net of taxes is often reported in the press). Ronaldo has 11 endorsement partners like Emirates, Nike, Samsung Electronics and Toyota Motor that generate $28 million a year in income. Real Madrid locked up the reigning player of the year in September for five more years in a deal worth $200 million, plus bonuses.

Lionel Messi is the other soccer player to crack the top 10, at fourth.

Here’s the 15 soccer players in the top 100:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $80m
  2. Lionel Messi – $64.7m
  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – $40.4m
  4. Gareth Bale – $36.4m
  5. Radamel Falcao – $35.4m
  6. Neymar – $33.6m
  7. Wayne Rooney – $23.4m
  8. Sergio Agüero – $23.3m
  9. Yaya Touré – $21.7m
  10. Fernando Torres – $21.3m
  11. Robin van Persie – $19.5m
  12. Steven Gerrard – $18.7m
  13. Mesut Özil – $18.5m
  14. Franck Ribéry – $18.3m
  15. Luis Suárez – $17.3m