Wayne Rooney sang a song with Ed Sheeran late one night in a Manchester bar

To think: a few days ago no one knew who Ed Sheeran was. (Or at least, no one I know knew who Ed Sheeran was.) Now, he’s all over your timelines.

A week ago, Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg broke a bunch of rules to hit up a Sheeran gig, and got dropped from a round of fixtures for it. Now, Sheeran and Wayne Rooney sang a duet in a Manchester bar late one night after a Sheeran concert.

That’s about all you need to know from this story, but just in case someone brings it up at work later, here’s some extra details to prolong the conversation:

  • They sang “Lego House,” which is one of Sheeran’s songs.
  • Sheeran played guitar, and Rooney sat on a stool, emotionally swaying and closing his eyes.
  • This took place at the Sir Ralph Albercromby pub. Here’s a map if you want directions. Yelp gives it two and a half stars out of five, and one pound sign out of four. One review called it a “proper boozer.”
  • You may think you don’t know any Ed Sheeran songs, but you probably do. This song is in some commercial or other.
  • Ed Sheeran is a redhead. Wayne Rooney used to not have much hair, but then paid money for chemicals which would give him hair. Hair is an important part of this story.
  • Robin van Persie was in the crowd.
  • Rooney tweeted about it:

Okay. That’s the end of the remotely interesting things related to this story. You may go about your life now.