FC Rostov's players want the team's coach fired for saying he doesn't want more "dark-skinned" players

Igor Gamula is an idiot, and his team’s noticed. The FC Rostov head coach took the “thinly veiled” off his racism this weekend when he said his Russian Cup-holding club already had “enough dark-skinned players,” also referring to them as “things.” Perhaps convinced that sentiment wasn’t sufficiently Russian enough, Gamula jokingly veiled fear that his Malian midfielder, Moussa Doumbia, had infected ill players with Ebola.

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If there’s ever an argument for not cutting Putin’s Russia off from the rest of the world, it’s crap like this. You don’t just mix up some race hate in a 6.6 million square mile Petri dish and let it fester. At least, that didn’t stop us from landing where we are.

Where we are is a place where Rostov’s players are demanding Gamula goes. Siyanda Xulu, a South African international among those calling for Gamula’s ouster, will not train with the club until the situation’s addressed, according to the player’s agent.

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Gamula has apologized, pretty much page one of the “So Your Job Is On The Line” crisis packet, but is his place really in jeopardy? This is, after all, Russia. If Rostov stood by its man, would anybody be surprised?