Fence-jumping fan gets a boot to the chest during derby in Tel Aviv

Another rivalry, another fan acting like his mother never taught him how to act in public.

Hapoel and Maccabi Tel-Aviv only made it 22 minutes into their game today before everything went Worldstar. That’s when a Hapoel fan let the demons in his brain convince him to hop a fence and confront Maccabi’s Eran Zahavi. Unfortunately for the fan, Zahavi is no punk, and responded the way he was supposed to, by kicking the fan in his chest.

Because there’s no justice in the world, Zahavi was given a red card for defending himself. Seems unfair. Basic workplace protocol says that if someone runs up into your place of business, you have the right to put foot to sternum, especially after having a brief conversation to give them a chance to explain themselves.

It’s not Zahavi’s fault security wasn’t doing their job. How do we know this fan doesn’t have a history of fence jumping? Look at the way he moves. The man is obviously intoxicated, only making him more of a threat. If anything, Zahavi was doing a public service. Others may have been at risk eventually.

There are only a few time-tested ways to sober someone up. Cold showers help, coffee does alright, but nothing says “Get your life together, man” like a fresh set of Nikes to the ribs. Bet this dude doesn’t jump a fence next week.