One Manchester City fan thought the Munich air disaster was relevant on Sunday

Munich air disaster taunts are still happening in Manchester, as evidenced by this dingus spotted at Etihad Stadium.

Do you know this man? Is he a friend of yours? If so, it may be time for you to have a serious conversation with him. Maybe give him a hug, because he’s clearly hurting inside. There’s no other way to explain his decision to stand up and pantomime a plane crash from 1958 — long before he or most people in the stadium were born — to prove the superiority of his soccer team.

Rivalry is a wonderful thing. Embrace it. A little sporting negativity directed at opposing fans is good for you. Keeps the blood young, like jogging, or when rich people do Yoga in really hot rooms.

But for everyone’s sake, avoid exploiting people’s tragic deaths. Keep the material fresh, damn it.