Mia Hamm deserves Beckham-level respect from our hip hop community

Our top five David Beckham references in hip hop was easier to put together than you probably think. David Beckham is the only soccer player that many people can name, and rappers are no different. Any time someone made a reference to kickin’ it, especially while simultaneously ballin’, Beckham’s name came up.

But now, I think it’s time for a change. There may be a new person sitting in the No. 1 spot of post-career soccer ballers: Mia Hamm.

On Monday, it was announced that Mia Hamm had joined the board of directors at Roma. The United States can barely get players on teams at Roma’s level, and the one we had didn’t stay. Now here’s Mia Hamm, on the check-writing side on the conference table. Ballin’.

She didn’t take some celebrity-style, figurehead position like those that have become so common stateside. Mia has plans. She intends to help boost Roma’s profile, particularly inn the U.S., in an official ambassadorial role.

“When people talk about clubs with a global appeal, then I think they are also talking about Roma. We can make them become one of the top four clubs on the planet.”

Being on the board of a big Italian club wasn’t enough for Hamm, though. Thursday brought the announcement of Major League Soccer’s newest franchise, the (temporarily named) Los Angeles Football Club. Front and center of the new ownership group — which included 21 other members, including her husband, Nomar Garciaparra — stood Mia Hamm. A name and face that brought as much legitimacy and star power as other group standouts, like Magic Johnson. Once again, ballin’.

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It’s time for David Beckham to get off the throne. Golden balls and his business partners are somewhere at Miami City Hall begging to over-pay for an empty parking lot to build their soccer stadium. Meanwhile, Mia Hamm is telling Nomar to find something to do, because she has lunch with Francesco Totti, and after that, some schematics to look over for a new L.A. Colosseum. Ballin’.

Rappers should be finishing off lazy metaphors with Mia Hamm’s name now. She’s more than earned it. Besides, “Hamm” is incredibly easy to rhyme and already comes with built-in, albeit dated slang. Show this titan of industry and commerce her respect.