Alexis Sánchez is great at soccer, even better at Twitter

Arsenal beat Burnley 3-0 today, as you would expect. The star of the show was Alexis Sánchez, who is apparently some kind of Las Vegas magician on the side. He’s probably really good at that, too.

Bold statement: Alexis Sánchez is the best player in England (right now). Possibly the best current player that has even been to England (right now). Maybe the best current player that is aware of England conceptually (right now).

He has been everything for Arsenal, and it was almost unfair that Burnley be scheduled against the Gunners while Sánchez is on this kind of a roll.

Alexis is the same size you were when you found out that Santa wasn’t real, yet he does these things. Maybe it’s cheating. FIFA should organize leagues around players with similar centers of gravity to keep things fair, otherwise we could be looking at England’s Decade of Alexis.

Just to prove a point and cement his place among the greats (right now), Alexis joined Twitter yesterday, and he has already learned the art of the thirst trap. True professional.