Luka Modrić’s son has no time for Cristiano Ronaldo

Not everyone is as impressed with Cristiano Ronaldo as Cristiano Ronaldo. Such as Real Madrid teammate Luka Modrić’s kid, Ivano. The four-year-old blanked Ronaldo at La Liga’s LFP awards ceremony in favor of his handheld video game, even after the forward did a slightly creepy two-fingered face-stroking thing.

Fair enough. I mean, it’s only Ronaldo. It’s not like he’s Messi.

Ronaldo got burned again after the ceremony by the Spanish league president, Javier Tebas, who said the Portuguese would not have taken home the 2013-14 best player award if the voting system had been different.

Tebas suggested that with more transparency, small children wouldn’t have been the only ones delivering snubs to Ronaldo. “I am sure, and this is my opinion, that if the vote is free, Cristiano does not win,” he said.

Atlético players’ lack of success was a little surprising. Diego Godín losing the best defender vote to Sergio Ramos?