Brooklyn Beckham’s following in dad’s footsteps … and modeling

It’s totally natural that a kid would want to enter the same career as his famous father. So Brooklyn Beckham is doing some modeling.

For the New York Times style magazine, no less. In pictures, taken by Bruce Weber, the dude famous for homoerotic black-and-white photos of muscular American youths; or, in Brooklyn’s case, a British kid named after a New York borough, because Posh Spice liked the name.

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“He looks the spitting image of his famous father David Beckham while doing it,” claims the Daily Mail, which is clearly BS, because in these photos, the 15-year-old is:

  • wearing nerd glasses;
  • reading a book;
  • not wearing a sarong;
  • not covered in tattoos.

The shot where he’s got a comb in his hair is clearly a sly ironic allusion to Papa Becks’ famed penchant for changing his hairstyle every week. Probably.