Marcelo celebrated a goal, which pissed off a third division player

Yesterday’s Copa del Rey action featured Real Madrid’s Marcelo scoring against third division team Cornellà, which he was pretty excited about it. Given the goal put El Real up 4-1, his opponents were not.

It seems, the Cornellà players didn’t appreciate a big star from a giant global super club coming into their little hamlet and expressing joy over his personal success. Cornellà defender Óscar Muñoz felt he had to speak out against Marcelo’s rampant frivolity.

“We are Segunda B players, we hardly earn any money and his somersaults leave a bitter taste in our mouths. You have to remember where you are. Well, whatever – after he told me that he just had to celebrate it. Chicharito also explained it to me; he told me that he doesn’t score all that many goals and that’s why he did it”

There they were, toiling away as professionals in Segunda B, waiting in the soup line for their daily meal, hoping there might be bread. In struts Marcelo with his high wages, car service from the airport, and limited edition adidas gear to throw his success in their faces.

It’s almost criminal. It’s understood across the world that players should never celebrate their own moments, as it makes opponents uncomfortable. Every action from a sensible person is made with the very specific feelings of everyone around them in mind. Reacting to a scored goal should be no different.

Joy is the new racism, and it’s on FIFA to eradicate it from the game as soon as possible.