World Cup 2022's shuffle could see the FA Cup and Copa del Rey finish in June

Like knockout Cup soccer? You’re going to love June 2022.

If Europe’s leading clubs get their way, the FA Cup and Copa Del Rey (and presumably other tournaments) will mostly be played straight after a proposed April-May Qatar World Cup.

League seasons would start earlier in summer, 2021, but there wouldn’t be enough time for all the cup fixtures to be finished by kickoff time in the desert. So they’d be played intensively in June, before everyone goes on vacation.

Obviously this would be tiring for players whose nations reach the World Cup quarterfinals, semifinals, or final; therefore probably not relevant for members of the England team.

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Other stuff to get stressed about? The Associated Press has you covered, like some sort of reverse Xanax:

“[The European Clubs association] proposes condensing the Champions League format to play the round of 16 over two weeks rather than a month, and removing the international double-headers in March. But that could leave up to five months between international competition and the World Cup for nations which qualify.

“That proposal also would leave only 10 days between clubs being obliged to release players on April 18 and the World Cup kicking off for teams to squeeze in rest, training and a warm-up game.”

At this point it’s clear that the only workable 2022 solution is to move to the Mayan Long Count calendar, which would give world soccer 144,000 days to get the Capital One Cup done.