The new World Cup 2018 emblem looks like an electric shaver


You like? That’s the new World Cup emblem, as revealed tonight in Moscow. It’s the World Cup trophy design we’re used to, only with a Russian flare, which included being unveiled by three astronauts as its the image was projected on the side of the Bolshoi Theatre. Tack on a hammer and sickle and Dolph Lundgren, and you’ve got the main pillars of Russian stereotyping covered. Well done.

Here’s FIFA’s more artsy explanation:


“[A] metaphor for the anticipation of an intense and magical tournament.” “[M]ankind’s ambition to reach for the stars.” Lines from the climax of the Zac Braff production? No. It’s the world’s biggest sporting event trying to hype itself 44 months before it starts.

As former Soccer Gods guest and logophile Brian Straus notes, the emblem is almost predictable — a Russian take on the same basic principles used for Brazil:

The “magic windows,” however, give the emblem a familiar look:

How do you say “Norelco” in Russian?