Fans in Bulgaria hit a coach with a snowball, who then dove

The scourge of diving has extended to Bulgaria; specifically, to the sidelines in Bulgaria.

During a game between CSKA Sofia and Levski Sofia, Levski fans threw a snowball at CSKA coach Stoycho Mladenov. Because they have a lot of practice (because Bulgaria is cold), the snowball connected. Mladenov then dove to the ground as if a defender had brushed against him in the box.

“They hit me with a snowball and I lost consciousness,” Mladenov said. “It’s not the first, second or third Levski offence. They should throw them out of the league. Tomorrow, someone could die.”

The 57-year-old didn’t add: “Even worse, they could poke someone’s eye out!”

Levski fans thought Mladenov needs to better learn how to draw contact to make his flops more believable.

“Children play with snowballs but I haven’t heard of anyone who has collapsed,” the head of Levski’s fan club, Vladimir Vladimirov, said. “It was disgusting to watch. His over-acting was so poor.”

He then added: