Maradona looks like he's hitting his girlfriend, but he's really striking a cell phone?

Diego Maradona’s demigod status in Argentina has endured despite all sorts of indiscretions, but is this latest scandal too much for the public to stomach?

A video has emerged seemingly showing a drunk-looking Maradona acting aggressively then hitting his sometime girlfriend, Rocio Oliva, who filmed the incident on her cellphone.

Oliva’s aunt reportedly called Maradona a “psychopath.”

Media reports have quoted Maradona claiming he attacked the phone, not the woman: “I sent the phone flying but I swear I’ve never hit a woman. The story starts and finishes there. I admit I knocked the phone out of Rocio’s hands but there’s nothing more to it. The situation didn’t continue.”

But it’s hard to give a man with a history of violence the benefit of the doubt. In August, Maradona was filmed slapping a journalist. If he really is aiming for Oliva’s cell phone, he isn’t coming that close.