The once great Manchester United now celebrates late home draws

Consider this: Robin van Persie scored from a rebound on a late set-piece to give Manchester United a 1-1 draw against visiting league leader Chelsea. Then he celebrated.

That’s fine. Goals and points are important, but look at this reaction. Roy Keane’s beard is rolling in its unmarked grave.

Paul Scholes didn’t take 20 years of professional ginger abuse so Robin van Persie could have skinny man 150lb Hulk-outs over home draws.

This is Manchester United! This is Manchester United? This is Manchester United.

The team of your youth. The team you spent weeks defending whenever someone disrespectfully said “ManU.” The team you immediately abandoned because too many people at school were claiming it, and you just wanted to branch out as an individual and find yourself. Even Jose Mourinho was disgusted, and he spent the whole day dressed like the manager of an airport car rental kiosk.

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Surely, the club’s fans deserve more triumphant moments. More elegant celebration like the Olympic-quality slide Didier Drogba delivered after scoring.

That’s quality. It’s that sort of slide and flourish that put teams into the Champions League. Act like you’ve been there about 175 times before and let the crowd know that you are, and always have been a magnificent bastard. Even on a day when unexpected humidity had you sweating out your relaxer much earlier in the weekend than you has planned. Rise above like Didier!

Robin van Persie has much to learn about projecting a glorious image. His lack of celebratory development is yet another reason to call Louis van Gaal’s leadership into question. If Manchester United wants to start celebrating home points in bunches of three, changes must be made.