Erik Lamela's going to have to explain this ridiculous goal

How does something like this happen? Obviously, the Vine says it all, yet it also completely glosses over the most amazing part. How did an idea like this even pop into somebody’s head?

Nothing we’re ever taught on a soccer field says something like this should be possible. There’s no way an attempt like this could even be dangerous. Had Arjen Robben tried it, he would have blown out his pelvis. This shit’s not supposed to work.

Then again, that’s what separates players like Erik Lamela from people like us. It’s cliché to say, but in the face of this goal — surely one of the best we’ve seen in years — it’s still true: Where was see limits, talents like Lamela see potential.

It’s the same potential that leads a player like Zidane to uncoil onto an outrageous volley in a Champions League final, or a talent like Zlatan Ibrahimovic to attempt a bicycle kick from the right flank. It’s the audacity to leverage every bit of athletic success you’ve ever mustered to believe there’s even more to come – that something nobody has a right to imagine could become a reality for you.

It’s ridiculous. It’s arrogant. It’d be shameful and selfish if it was at all explicable. But we can’t denounce these goals any more than we can explain them. We’re completely ignorant when it comes to this level of performance.

How did Lamela score this goal? Not how did he kick the ball, guide it toward goal, and beat the keeper. Before that. How did he even imagine this goal? How did he believe that this shit would actually work?

Update: One person who seems drastically less impressed? Lamela’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino:

Boo that man.


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