The definitive list of things more inane than fretting about swapping shirts at halftime

At halftime, Mario Balotelli did something which singlehandedly caused Liverpool’s 3-0 loss to Real Madrid. He traded shirts with Pepe.

(Liverpool was already down by three.)

According to Twitter, a noted expert in the field, this is a sign of grave mental and emotional deficiency, and grounds for trading. Coach Brendan Rodgers wasn’t too pleased:

“It’s not something I stand for. It’s something you do at the end of the game.”

Balotelli came off at half, for tactical reasons, according to Rodgers.

(Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti said that he — double checks veracity of the translation — didn’t give a shit.)

Here’s a list of things more inane to fret about than two professional soccer players swapping jerseys at halftime:

That’s it. That’s the complete list.


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