Macklemore is awful but you're going to watch this video because DeAndre Yedlin is in it too

You don’t want to listen to white dudes rapping who aren’t early-2000s Eminem. Ever. But you’re going to watch this video. You’re going to sit through all the way to the end, because DeAndre Yedlin makes a cameo. (Or you could skip to 3:56, whatever.)

Here’s what happens. Macklemore and a bunch of other dudes (Grynch, Fearce Vill, and Wizdom, whose album this song will appear on) drive around Seattle. They rap in (separate) cars about how their city is filthy. Quick counterpoint: Seattle is actually very clean.

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At the very end, Yedlin looks out over CenturyLink Field, from atop a hill. As he turns profile, he mouths “filthy” at the camera. Then he gives one of the aforementioned guys (I don’t know who any of them are, aside from Macklemore, who is awful) a weird bro-hug.

It’s awful and lame, but you’re going to sit through it anyway.

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