Find out what kind of sneakers DeAndre Yedlin likes, if you've got a few minutes to spare

Seattle Sounders defender-but-not-really DeAndre Yedlin recently took a sneaker shopping trip with Complex’s Joe La Puma. Being the good company man he is, they went to a NYC adidas store (Get that check!). He was immediately typecasted as a soccer player who would be into a fresh pair of Sambas or Gazelles — and he was — but he seemed to be more of a Stan Smith man. Scouts have always been impressed with Yedlin’s range.

Before watching this video, I would have assumed that sneaker shopping with DeAndre Yedlin would include a lot of sneakers with wings on them and stopping for frozen yogurt. Would have guessed that he’d show up in a white BMW M4 — bought with all that new Tottenham cash — blasting Drake’s “0 to 100” (but not the good part with the James Blake sample) and dapped up the interviewer with a new handshake he learned from the greatest emcee of all time, Clint Dempsey.

“Expected.” “Hoped.” Same thing, really.

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The best part of this is the look of polite silence and wonder on 1993-born Yedlin’s face as La Puma talks about Run DMC and how they helped make the adidas brand what it is. He was, however, very familiar with Big Sean’s design work for the company. Get off my lawn, DeAndre.


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