Opposing supporters nearly hijacked Millwall’s fan vote

Millwall are surely England’s least-liked club (in proportion to their size). After all, even their supporters’ anthem is “No one likes us, we don’t care.” But the tough guys from London’s hardscrabble docks district who make up a large proportion of the club’s support presumably would have cared had the team played road games in pink next season.

A fan vote organized by the club was hijacked by supporters of rival clubs who were keen to see the Lions play like princesses. Either that or they wanted to help a team that usually plays in blue to take a lead in smashing gender stereotypes, fighting, sexism and promoting equality. But it was probably the princess thing, to be honest.

The plan was foiled after the club enacted a sort of retrospective voter ID law to fix the result. “We were grateful for the massive interest shown by fans from clubs up and down the country who took an unprecedented interested in the strip The Lions will be wearing next year,” the club said on its official website.

“However, having cross referenced all those who voted with our database, we validated only those votes cast by Millwall supporters to produce the result which will see Ian Holloway’s men running out in the predominantly white kit with the vertical blue stripe (option 2) next season.”

What a shame. After all, if the color’s good enough for Real Madrid …



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