Real Madrid's snipers were pretty Vine-conscious against Levante

All of Real Madrid’s fancy boys added classy finishes to their Vine portfolios today – goals worthy of the posters you are going to buy yourself for Christmas; goals so pristine and powerful that they would have justified Real Madrid wearing its dragon uniforms.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernández (“The Cheech”, to his friends) shocked Levante by doing the unthinkable and scoring before the final 10 minutes of a game that was out of hand. Have to give Ancelotti some credit for going with such a bold tactical choice.

Ronaldo, who already converted a penalty, does an impression of Messi doing an impression of Ronaldo, but with better hair and without that permanent look of confusion.

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James may have outdone his mentor with a wonderful goal of his own, even if “mentor” is an assumption on my part. After this summer, you have to think Ronaldo has taken James under his wing, giving him tips on how to survive as a new superstar. Belt shopping, sunglasses that aren’t dark enough to really protect your eyes from anything – there really is no detail too small. After all, team bonding is important.

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