Man puts Robert Lewandowski's fame to the ultimate test by trying to pick up women

Here’s the premise of the Romantic Science world’s latest experiment: Can a man with a vague resemblance (if you squint, in direct sunlight) to Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski come to America in the number nine’s jersey and pick up women?

This is the sort of experiment the general public should fear, as there is no positive outcome. If he succeeds, we are doomed, because our society has become so celebrity-obsessed that the mere implication someone might be famous (to someone, somewhere) is enough to find a mate and create the next generation of kids named Ashton and Emma. If he fails, it means being a young, world-class striker with hundreds of goals to his name still doesn’t get the social respect he deserves Obama’s America.

What are we do cheer for? The romantic equivalent of a draw (a lunch date)?

The best part of the video is the amorous con man’s attempt at an accent. Lewandowski is Polish (not that any of the women in the video were aware), but the “actor” went with an accent that falls somewhere between Moscow and Pittsburgh. Bold choice.

What I’d really like to see is the unedited footage. How many times was this man pepper sprayed? Did he come across a savvy lady, just trying to eat a cronut or something in peace, and find himself at the sharp end of a few “full-kit wanker” barbs?

Say no to street harassment in the form of cheesy YouTube videos. #NotAllLewandowskis

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