Blazers and v-necks: This awesome MLS branding may not be Miami enough


This has been floating around for a couple of days, but given the general freshness of the work, it’s worth a mention here, too. Designer Diego Guevara killed it on his site, spending what we can only assume is the last seven months in the remote depths on Miami’s Wynwood art and design district coming up with uniform, crest, and stadium designs for the yet-to-be-named (and, yet-to-be-confirmed) Miami MLS franchise.

You know: The one David Beckham’s supposed to start with his ill-begotten H&M underwear money.

For a team he’s calling Inter Miami FC (personally, I think MLS needs a “Deportivo”), he dives deep into the inspiration for the colors (the beach, night, and local flag), logo (elements of sun, ocean, sky, and ball), and an “international” brand inspired by Miami’s unique “-graphies” (demo, and geo).

The problem? The whole thing doesn’t Miami hard enough.

I’ve been a Miami Beach resident for four weeks now, and have had cable television since the mid-1980s. I’m pretty sure I know exactly what the city needs and wants from its potential professional soccer franchise.


First of all, where’s the blazer? I can’t imagine a scenario where a Miami club doesn’t play full time in blazers (white-pale pink away; sea foam green alternates). It’s just the way things are done here. Understandably, it would be difficult to fit sponsors and necessary logos onto the deep v-neck tee that players would wear underneath, but the magic of design is combining form and function.


Secondly, where are the shorts? Perhaps Guevara’s omission was intentional. Fortunately, I have an idea: floral board shorts.

Pretty safe to assume that the Fightin’ Beckhams will be playing on a floating island on the Intercoastal Waterway. What better way to maximize the location’s potential than to have gamewear that doubles as beachwear for the post-game party? For cold weather road game early in the season, a sensible set of heavy linen slacks is a good bet.

MLS restrictions probably prohibit the obvious choice of adidas branded spiked loafers and deck shoes that this team would deserve, but with a new collective bargaining agreement set to come up this offseason, anything is possible. Fans and players alike could go straight from their boats, to the game, to a season ticket holders-only golf course adjacent to the stadium. In a market like this one, fans expect a full-day experience. Comfortable and practical, but fashion-forward footwear is key.

At its core, Miami is about three things: Neon stuff, flamingoes, and the teachings of Philip Michael Thomas. If a designer can weave my vision together with these strongly held values, Miami’s MLS squad will be dressed for years of unending silverware.

Not that they would ever wear silver. Silver is for poor people.

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