Iker Casillas did a great job of getting out of the way of this shot

When people talk about Spain’s need to move on from Iker Casillas, they’re alluding about moments like this. Perhaps this howler’s worse than his others, but it’s yet another reason to doubt the captain’s place as Vicente del Bosque’s number one.

As is its want, Spain controlled possession through the match’s opening moments, but a direct kick from outside its penalty area gave Slovakia a chance to breakthrough. Thanks to a shot the commentators assumed was deflection (who else could that ball get past Casillas), the home side was in front (1-0).

I suppose we should credit Juraj Kucka, who disguised his screwball well. But Casillas still should have stopped that shot.

In fairness, Casillas’s mistake came moments after a fine save …

… but here’s the harsh reality of goalkeeping at Casillas’s level: Most of his peers would have been able to stop both other those shots. That Casillas didn’t is why some want Del Bosque to move on.

Spain’s down, 1-0, at halftime.

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