Columbus Crew logo disrespects everything American soccer's about

With this new logo, the Columbus Crew — excuse me, Columbus Crew SC — have shown a blatant disregard for the American soccer blogging community.

CREW_DLLook at it. It’s great! What are we supposed to talk about here? Well-executed branding? Successfully incorporating history while keeping an eye on the hopeful future? A logo that was once a league-wide punchline jumping to the top of the heap? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

American soccer is a cottage industry with a delicate ecosystem. Certain aspects of the game are meant to feed each other in order for that system to flourish. A club is supposed to announce a graphic, drop a half-assed blank teaser of it with disastrous results on Twitter, then put a final product up so we can have our standard 3-day period of mockery and degradation, then reflection.

CCSC don’t respect these digital streets. They don’t respect the game. This logo is beautiful. A little Bundesliga (we know how much they appreciate certain German qualities in the Nordecke) but beautiful.

If teams like Columbus want media coverage of MLS to expand, they need to respect the basic rules that were established long before they got fancy with new Anthony Precourt money and got their shit together.

They’re taking money out of bloggers and professional tweeters’ pockets. They’re taking food out of the mouths of the kids they probably don’t have! They’re being disrespectful.

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