There's a hypnotist at a Brazilian club who makes players walk over broken glass

Team-building exercises are awful. I don’t know if I can do another trust-fall with Hank sniggering about dropping me again. And if they’re going to be awful, they might as well be interesting.

So there’s this hypnotist in Brazil, Olimar Tesser, who makes players walk over glass and bend iron bars with their neck muscles. Most recently, Portuguesa hired him. With 21 points from 27 games, Portuguesa is facing relegation from the Brazilian second division. Coach Vagner Benazzi called it “a desperate situation.”

Tesser previously worked with Atibaia, Jundiaí, and Marilia, which are names of teams you don’t know, and some individual players. Here’s some mumbo jumbo from him:

“I work with the human being, the man, and this is reflected on the pitch. If a player thinks he can bend iron and walk on glass, he can do anything in the game. The brain can’t tell the two things apart. Two minutes of training under hypnosis have the same effect as 20 minutes without.”

Anyway, here’s earlier video of him doing weird shit. Enjoy. And think of an iron bar puncturing through your neck the next time you have to trust Hank.

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