Juventus fined and dropped 'typical South American' for partying too hard

We had thought that greater professionalism, the need to be super-fit, intense media scrutiny, and fans with camera phones had all but ended the days when the phrase “hitting the bar” was as likely to refer to a player’s nocturnal habits as to his shooting.

Happily, there’s old-school Juventus star Arturo Vidal to prove that sometimes the Old Lady’s players just wanna have fun. The Chilean has been fined a reported $125,000 for his late-night antics in a Turin bar only two days before last Sunday’s big game against Roma. We imagine that’s roughly the price of a crate of Cristal champagne, though as we only drink hard cider, we wouldn’t know.

With Vidal on the bench, used as a 79th minute replacement for Andrew Pirlo, Juventus ran out 3-2 winners. They are reportedly now willing to consider selling him to Manchester United in January. United want him to bolster their midfield and also because he’d be great company for Wayne Rooney at Vegas pool parties.

Perhaps Juventus won’t sign any more South Americans. After all, according to club CEO Giuseppe Marotta, life’s just one long fiesta for these party-hearty Latinos:

“Vidal is the typical South American player. The history of football is full of these types of stories. [Former Juventus player and Argentina international Omar] Sivori was one of them, so was [ex-Inter Milan and Argentina star Antonio] Angelillo and many others,” he told reporters. “South Americans are like that. They live certain situations in their own way, they have a way to celebrate and to enjoy themselves.”

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