Landon Donovan says Klinsmann's son didn't apologize; U.S. Soccer disagrees

Yesterday, it was authenticity. Today, it’s Klinsmann vs. Donovan. It wasn’t long into Wednesday’s mayhem before U.S. soccer twitter had its kerfuffle du jour.

It all revolved around an interview Landon Donovan gave last week, wherein he ignited the embers Jurgen Klinsmann haters keep at the ready. His allegations: there’d been no contact from the U.S. men’s national team boss about his international curtain call, and the coach’s son, Jonathan, had never apologized for a tweet he posted after the World Cup roster was announced.

Yeah, about that:

In hindsight, Landon’s comments were pretty serious allegations – if not outright bombs, then certainly a couple of ounces of lighter fluid. They were incendiary. Was Donovan lying? Is Lalas’ source at U.S. Soccer massaging the message? Is it just a miscommunication (and an email landing in Donovan’s unchecked spam folder)? Hell if I know.

What would U.S. Soccer had said before publication, had they had a chance to respond? It’s unlikely that they would have allowed Klinsmann to be hung out to dry like that, something that may be motivating this leak.

Mistaken or not, Donovan (and, Lalas’s followup) have added another dimension to Friday’s sendoff. Then again:

That feels right, though come this afternoon, don’t be surprised to see “Donovan pulls out of Donovan testimonial” leading our front page.

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