Ángel Di María adapts to the Premier League, uses right foot

Real Madrid alumnus Ángel Di María has always been a quality player, but even as early as last summer, the Merengues wanted to sell. They didn’t, so he had a season to remember, only to be sold this summer to a team sponsored by Chevrolet.

Now the Argentine, terrorizing teams in the self-proclaimed “best league in the world,” is showing a new audience why so many people furrowed their brows at Real Madrid’s willingness to sell:

The goal (above) was one of Di María’s many notable contributions during Manchester United’s first half against Everton. And it’s clear that he’s now just showboating, as you’ll note by the use of his right foot on the goal – a foot that he usually only uses for balance and walking.

It seems that Di María is adapting quite well to the “best league in the world.”