Racism expert Jose Mourinho informs us there is no racism in football

Almost a year ago, after Manchester City’s Yaya Toure voiced his frustration about being racially abused by CSKA Moscow fans, racism expert Jose Mourinho shared his thoughts about black players boycotting the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Mourinho stated, in part:

“If I was a black player I would say the other billions are much more important, so let’s fight the thousands, but let’s give to the billions what the billions want. And the billions want the best football and the best football without black players is not the best football, for sure.”

At the time, my reaction was as follows:

Today, Mourinho blessed us with his thoughts on using the NFL’s “Rooney Rule” to bolster the number of black and ethnic minority managers at English clubs. The world-renowned racism expert presented the following findings: “There is no racism in football. If you are good, you are good. If you are good, you get the job.”

Special. I think the Special One just told us that racism in soccer does not exist. At least that’s how I process the words “There is no racism in football,” in the order they were written. Then again, reading comprehension is sometimes a challenge for me.

Now I need to hear Mourinho on climate change.