It's about time they gave us a Zlatan movie

This is a big year in the life of global phenomenon Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It marks the 5,000th anniversary of the day he arrived in accent Babylonia as the general of the Galactic Armies. He came looking to prove himself in battle on this young, savage planet. Many eons later, after his travels took him to Rosengard, Sweden, he discovered the game of soccer and decided that his thirst for combat could serve a higher purpose and inspire the world he had saved so many times before.

To mark the occasion, Zlatan released his autobiography I Am Zlatan, which only covered the last few decades of his life for some reason. Now, it appears that the tale of his Earth odyssey will be made into a movie. Swedish TV network Channel 5 reports Lord Ibrahimovic is developing the documentary himself, in what must be an effort to control quality. Personally, I’d prefer a cinematic drama starring Christian Bale that reuses the Egyptian set of Cecil B. Demille’s The Ten Commandments.