Welbeck follows in footsteps of other Arsenal heroes, like Lord Bendtner

On Wednesday at the Emirates, Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck joined a small but elite group of Arsenal legends when he notched his first career hat trick against Galatasaray. Only two other Arsenal players have ever scored three times in a Champions League game: Lord Nicolas Bendtner, in 2010, against Porto; and a journeyman winger-turned-striker named Thierry Henry, in 2002, away at Roma.

Welbeck is already being compared to Henry by Twitter experts, but if he wants to reach “Lord” status, he’ll need to keep head down and focus on his ego, a recipe that could very well lead to a successful career littered with loan moves, limited playing time, and random run-ins with the law.

For all the historians out there, you can revisit Bendtner’s hat trick against Porto below. Ignore the fact that Samir Nasri’s solo effort was more impressive than all of Bendtter’s goals, combined. Lord Bendtner would want it that way.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, I give you the journeyman winger-turned-striker’s hat trick against Roma:

Welbeck has to decide which of these paths to take: one leads to a statue in front of a stadium, and the other leads to “Lord” status. It isn’t an easy decision, but I think we’re all aware of how cool it would be to be called Lord [insert anything].

Get in, Welbz!