You Can’t Handle the Truth: Why Real Madrid fans should worry about a Cristiano Ronaldo departure

Hey, Madrid fans. Are you silly enough to think that Cristiano Ronaldo, our biggest icon, would never leave us? Well, I have to drop a thick wad of sticky truth on your asses. This could happen, kiddos.

Ronaldo’s relationship with Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez has always been frosty, at best. Ronaldo’s original deal with Real Madrid was done by the former president Ramón Calderón, and Cristiano saw how Barcelona re-structured Lionel Messi’s contract almost every year in order to keep him happy. Ronaldo didn’t get a new deal until September 2013, four years after signing his first one.

Furthermore, Ronaldo has reportedly been unhappy with the club’s transfer dealings. Earlier this month, he rocked the very foundations of the club by saying that if he were in charge, he would’ve done things with Ángel Di María differently.

Di María, of course, was sold to Manchester United. Di María then struck fear in the hearts of every Madridista by saying that he didn’t know how long Ronaldo was going to put up with the club. Ouch.

So these rumors are very real. They’re not just your typical sports tabloid fodder, but actually indicative of what is going on with the Portuguese superstar. But you probably can’t handle this sizzling hot truth.