“Hey, FIFA”: We wrote a song about how much Sepp Blatter sucks

Every problem in soccer can be traced back to Sepp Blatter. His 16 years on the game’s iron throne have allowed his plague to spread throughout football. Threatening the world with a fifth term as the game’s most powerful man, Blatter’s ills have begun to seep beyond his opulent fortress. The man is a monster.

People who aren’t monsters: Woody Guthrie, Joan Baez, Marvin Gaye, Bob Fucking Dylan. They’re voices who’ve given depth to some of society’s most troubling issues – icons whose work inspired those disenfranchised by a corrupt system. Making their songs into weapons for the people, those artists used music to fight their monsters.

The Soccer Gods don’t have Guthrie or Dylan, but we do have Vila. We have Carr. And just like those predecessors who strummed their strings in revolt, The Soccer Gods have a message that transcends prose, one that will cast its melody into the throngs.

“Hey FIFA” is more than a song. In time, it will be more than an anthem. It will be the mirror that reflects the hypocrisy – a way a new generation of fans will whisper “no” to its soccer overlords.

Here is your new favorite song, “Hey, FIFA.”