The Art of the World Cup

A month of madness through the eyes of Rojito

Diego Halac, aka Rojito, is a 26-year-old Argentinian-born artist, illustrator, and designer who resides in Miami. He also happens to be soccer mad (for Boca Juniors and, of course, the Albiceleste). Before the World Cup, he designed, just for fun, his own alternative jerseys for each team, mouth-watering stuff for us obsessives. During the tournament, he did one piece per day—some that captured the most indelible moments from Brazil ’14—using watercolor, ink, pencil, and appropriated digital images. They recall—though with more wit—the work of LeRoy Neiman, who brightly and boldly immortalized the big sporting spectacle of his day. And what’s the World Cup if not a month-long Ali-Frazier bout. Here’s a selection of our favorites.


art aa 9.47.45 PM

Fred, out to win an Oscar.



Van Persie!!!! Golazo!!!!


art 2aPM

The end of an empire.


art 4

¡Gracias Espana!


art 4a

The wrath of Suarez.



La Pulga.


art 5

Robben, yet again.


art 6

Oh no.


art 7

The ’keepers.


art 10

What happened?


art 11

Weltmeister. And well-deserved.