Would You Rather…Watch a Soccer Match or Have Sex?

World Cup soccer madness is in full swing. It’s this celebratory moment every four years when millions of people all over the world bond over futebol, and show their intense fandom for the sport. In a recent survey 40 percent of male soccer fans said they would rather have watch a soccer match than have sex. So, we ask Dr. Juan Rivera, host of “Strange Medicine,” if someone can be too much of a fan.

“They can take it too far, this has been studied. There are people who get so excited during these games that they can have a heart attack, they can drink too much and end up in emergency rooms,” said Dr. Juan.

Dr. Juan also debunks that myth about sex before games impacting the player’s performance.

“There was a famous Yankee manager who said the problem was not the sex, but the time that the players spend looking for sex. Because then they are drinking and partying, that leads to lack of sleep,” said Dr. Juan.