The New Wave of Environmentalism: Eco Surfing in Brazil

Brazilian surfer Jairo Lumertz, 27, and his girlfriend, Carolina Scorsin, combine their love of environmentalism and surfing by teaching kids across Brazil how to make recyclable surfboards through their program, Projeto Prancha Ecológica (Eco Board Project).

The boards are made with plastic bottles that are treated with dry ice and then held together with PVC pipes. A regular size board takes about 41 bottles.

“I had been thinking about the board for a long time. I started putting together pipes, boards, connecting it all, and that is how the board came along.

Since the bottle surfboard project began in 2011, and it’s been an emotional journey. In 2013 Lumertz was in a car accident and doctors said he might not be able to surf again. While he recovered from the accident, Scorsin kept the project going.

“I threw myself into this project with all of my heart and will continue to do so,” Scorsin said.