Jorge Ramos: Obama ‘didn’t keep his word’ on immigration … again

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos went after President Obama on Saturday for pushing back immigration policy changes until after the midterm elections in November.

In June, Obama said he would take action by the end of the summer to address his administration’s oft-criticized deportation policies. But after the White House announced the delay, Ramos took Obama to task for letting “partisan politics” get in the way of using his executive power to allow many undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S.

It’s far from the first time Ramos has confronted Obama over his record on immigration. At a candidate town hall during the 2012 election, Ramos hit the president for failing to put forth an immigration bill during the first year of his presidency, as he promised during his first campaign.

“A promise is a promise,” Ramos told Obama. “And with all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise.”