‘World Cup Heartbreak Insurance’ Offered in China (But Not For England Fans)

Also available: “World Cup Hooligan Insurance, “Night Owl Insurance” and “World Cup Over-Drinking” policies

China may not have made it to Brazil for the World Cup, but that hasn’t lessened the passions of Chinese soccer fans. One insurance company is offering “World Cup Heartbreak Insurance” to protect the diehard fans who are rooting for non-Chinese teams.

For only 8 yuan (about $1.30), soccer fans can purchase an insurance policy to protect against the heartbreak that comes with elimination from the tournament. By “protect against heartbreak,” the An Cheng Insurance actually just means that you’ll get paid a certain amount of money when your team gets booted.

Here’s how it works: you pay the 8 yuan, then, when your team gets eliminated, you get up to 49 yuan ($7.86) in consolation compensation. There’s no concrete evidence that the payout is actually an effective consolation tool, especially considering the fact that policy holders don’t get straight cash. Instead, they receive a credit to an online store called Taobao, which appears to hawk items ranging from normcore footwear to leopard-print Juicy Couture sweatsuits.

There’s one exception: England fans, which makes sense since they’ve already been eliminated.

“It’s more like entertainment. It’s fun,” Zhang Yi, product manager at An Cheng Insurance told the Wall Street Journal. “This World Cup Heartbreak Insurance is for young people.”

There are also other, more practical insurance options. An Cheng offers World Cup Hooligan Insurance, which covers medical expenses that might result from a run-in with rabid fans; Night Owl Insurance, which covers “medical and emergency expenses related to acute respiratory infections and includes a death claim of 10,000 yuan,” and finally, World Cup Over-Drinking Insurance which, as the name indicates, covers expenses related to intoxication.

Here’s a situation where Hooligan Insurance could come in handy:

h/t Yahoo Sports