RIP Joan Rivers: Remembering her best moments

The world lost another one of its best comedians today, when Joan Rivers, age 81, passed away this afternoon. Rivers’ famously pointed wit had remained as razor-sharp as ever. Beyond her barbed-tongue remarks on programs like E’s “Fashion Police,” her other media appearances remained infamous (and delightful). Just this past summer, for instance, Rivers walked out of a live CNN interview in which a reporter began to criticize her style.

Back then, Fusion Live begged Joan Rivers to never change–and this video remains a highlight reel of some of her best comebacks in history. Please watch and enjoy some of her best moments.

Fusion Live also recently caught up with Rivers’ co-host on “Fashion Police,” Kelly Osbourne, who, in happier times, offered words of praise for and gratitude to her mentor. “She paved the way for women like me to be who I am,” she said of Rivers. Hear what else Osbourne had to say about Rivers below.