Why the Best Barbers in the World May Be in Rio’s Favelas

There’s a new phenomenon coming out of the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

After the samba, the passinho and the feijoada, the “Batalha do Cabelo” – or Battle of the Hair – is taking over the heads of underprivileged kids throughout Brazil.

This is how it works: Each barber has 40 minutes to prove their skills by creating intricate designs on someone’s hair using nothing but scissors, brushes, razors and a lot of creativity.

The trend has reached mainstream attention after some of the biggest stars in the country – such as Neymar and Daniel Alves – decided to sport the style on and off the soccer fields.

Filmmaker Emilio Domingos is working on a documentary about these battles and the meaning behind them. Fusion’s own Pedro Andrade went into the slums of Rio to take a closer look at a growing movement.