Mickey Mouse Heads To Brazil For The World Cup

Mickey Mouse is headed to the World Cup in Brazil in “O Futebol Classico,” an all new animated short.

In the three-minute cartoon, Mickey Mouse travels to Brazil for the World Cup and desperately tries to get a good view at the final match–but not without some obstacles.

He starts having a little trouble as the game starts, when a rather large spectator blocks Mickey’s view, catapulting him (sometimes literally) into a mini adventure in search of the perfect view.

While Disney (a parent company of Fusion) has done plenty of “Mickey Mouse” shorts since the series launched in 2013, and some have even been in a foreign language, this is the first to honor the World Cup and the first one in Portuguese.

Along with Mickey is an old Disney character some people may not recognize: José Carioca, the green Brazilian parrot.

Jose Carioca World Cup Disney

José was one of the “Three Caballeros” alongside Donald Duck and Panchito, a Mexican rooster. “Three Caballeros” was a 1944 movie that featured the three feathered friends in adventures throughout Latin America.

José comes from Rio de Janeiro, and was able to make it to the World Cup finals in time to announce play-by-plays of the game.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.58.11 AM

Watch out, Mickey: Soccer fans take rivalries very seriously!

Credit: Jonathan Muñoz