If Mexico’s Coach Says Homophobia Isn’t a Problem, Why Did People React to Ronaldo’s Haircut Like This?

Mexico’s coach, Miguel Herrera, claimed last week that fans’ chanting of “puto”—a word that roughly translates as “whore,” but is more commonly used as a homophobic slur—was meant in a “folksy” way. While many commentators criticized the chant as reflective of Mexico’s entrenched homophobia, Herrera dismissed the issue, implying that it’s not much of an issue in the sport. “FIFA should be worried about more serious things,” he told Mexico’s Radio Red in an interview.

But perhaps Herrera shouldn’t have been so blithely dismissive. A quick glance at Twitter during last night’s U.S.A./Portugal game showed that casual flinging of homophobic slurs is alive and well. The target this time? Cristiano Ronaldo and his involved hair design. That made him, according to various mouth-breathers, the following:




Let’s ignore the fact that there’s plenty about football that is super hot if you like to look at dudes on dudes. Let’s put aside the fact that these handsome fellows appear to have come from an underwear-model casting call than a sport training camp. Let’s ignore the fact that fancy soccer haircuts are a THING across the board.

Really, an elementary-school level insult that the entire world is moving beyond? That’s the best thing Twitter trolls could come up with to clown the guy’s haircut? At least this person managed to get creative with a visual comparison.



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