Fusion’s inside tour of Twitch, the gaming giant Amazon just bought for $970 million

This afternoon, news broke that Amazon is acquiring the video game streaming site Twitch.tv for an eye-popping $970 million.

If you haven’t heard of Twitch before, you might be scratching your head wondering how it could be worth almost $1 billion. But earlier this month, Fusion visited Twitch headquarters in San Francisco and learned why the site attracts over 50 million visitors a month.

Non-gamers might not get the appeal of watching other people play, but Twitch COO Kevin Lin says it shouldn’t be surprising. A whole generation grew up doing it while playing Nintendo with their friends.

“If there were more than two people in the room, you were sitting there watching each other play, giving each other feedback, maybe talking a little smack,” Lin said. “And that’s the sort of interactivity around that gameplay that makes it a habitual social activity within our generation.”

Video credit: Bradley Blackburn, Joanna Suarez