Japan vs. Greece in GIFs

The Greeks hold on with 10 men

This was a disappointing match. Japan had a man advantage for over half of the game but couldn’t capitalize, while the Greeks did what they had to do to get a point. Here, at least, are some fun GIFs.



You tug a shirt sleeve and you’re asking for yellow. Makoto Hasebe, you asked for this.



Fetfatzidis insisted he didn’t touch the ball and he was telling the truth. He picked up a yellow for this.



Want to know how frustrating half-chances can be? Here’s Ōkubo with his half-chance. His pain is there for all of us to witness. So vulnerable.



From worse to even worse for Greece. Greek captain Kostas Katsouranis stupidly takes out Makoto Hasebe from behind. And that, ladies and gents, is his second yellow, which means he’s joining the suspension party.




Just when Greece go down to 10-men, they get their best shot of the half from Roma’s Vasilis Torosidis. Luckily for Japan, Kawashima gets his paw on the attempt.





Greece has had a series of corner kicks. This is not a good look for Japan.


JPN_Freekick copy


One of the 8,000 Japanese chances in the second half. This was one of the good ones but, at the end of the day, none of them counted.