Feed dogs, recycle plastic, and fight gentrification all at the same time!

What if you could feed a stray dog and simultaneously recycle a plastic bottle? Don’t worry, no one is feeding plastic to dogs in some bizarre Snowpiercer -type blender.

Rather, a Turkish company installed something called Smart Recycling Boxes around the country’s capital of Istanbul. Simply insert a used plastic bottle and the machine dispenses dog chow for strays.

Istanbul has over 150,00 stray dogs and cats, which are the source of much conflict. Government officials recently planned to round up the animals and relocate them outside the city; however, the plan was met with backlash from many who consider the animals regular citizens.

Beloved by many residents, removal of the animals is seen as part of the aggressive gentrification movement in the country’s capital.

The Smart Recycling Boxes are maintained by the Turkish company Pugedon with no government involvement. The recycled plastic covers the cost of the dog food. Currently, the Turkish government has a program in place for vaccinating and spaying or neutering the stray animals.