Top Russian official trolls Obama, U.S.

Dmitry Rogozin is a very busy man on social media. As one of Russia’s top-ranking government officials and a member of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin is charged with overseeing Russia’s defense and space industry.

He’s also a notorious Twitter troll. Despite his busy schedule, Rogozin manages to make time to tweet — in both Russian and English —his views on everything from Madonna to U.S. foreign policy.

A recent tweet, which features side-by-side pictures of Putin holding a snow leopard and Obama holding a fluffy poodle, has been widely circulated around the world and reprinted in media outlets from The Guardian to Fox News.

The tweet, published July 31 with the caption: “We have different values and allies,” was retweeted 3.4K times in English and additional 2.5K times from Rogozin’s Russian-language account.

The tweet has sparked a lively online conversation.

“Never liked poodles…)))”, commented @GodVinodel.

@rachelmsavage posted an image of Putin hugging an even cuter puppy.


Others took Rogozin’s tweet as an opportunity to compare the manliness of Putin and Russia.

“The indecision and weakness of the U.S. is reflected in the image of the American leader, who is losing his manliness more and more,” wrote a Russian media outlet

Comparing the “manliness” of the two leaders is the topic of many internet memes, most of which have been made by Russians.

Rogozin is currently under sanctions by the European Union and the United States. But he doesn’t seem to care.


And the travel ban and asset freeze hasn’t deterred his enthusiasm for tweeting about world events.
Here are some of Rogozin’s more notorious tweets in recent months.

On Madonna, after she stood up for Pussy Riot:


On Russia’s threats to close the U.S.’ access to the International Space Station:

“After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest the U.S. delivers its astronauts to the ISS [international space station] with a trampoline”

On Jen Psaki, spokesperson of U.S. Department of State:

“Psaki isn’t a name. Psaki means replacing evidence with endless blabbing by a technically ignorant female propagandists…Pure shame”

On Russia’s threat to fly a bomber into a NATO country:

“At the request of the U.S., Romania has closed its airspace to my plane. If Ukraine doesn’t allow me to pass through next time, I’ll fly aboard a TU-160 [Russia’s largest strategic supersonic bomber jet]”

On his doubts over the events of 9/11:

“Can you send me footage of one of the planes hijacked on 9/11/2001 crashing into the Pentagon? There were hundreds of cameras there. Send me at least 1 photo, please!”

On plans to rename a major Russian city in honor of Soviet-era dictator Joseph Stalin:

“There’s a desire to change Volgograd’s name back to Stalingrad. Putin doesn’t mind.”

On confusing his calls for war and peace:

“There’s only one thing Russia lacks — peace around it and peace for its restless soul,” he said in one tweet, which was followed by another tweet two days later stating: “Unfortunately, Russians only become Russians during war.”

Rogozin may have some wild opinions, but judging by the amount of followers and retweets he has on social media, his views seem to resonate with many Russians.