Isolated Amazonian tribe carried some interesting items in their satchels

An isolated indigenous tribe from the Amazon made headlines this week, after anthropologists shared a video that showed some of the tribe members making contact with the outside world for the first time.

But it appears that members of the tribe — which has not been given a name yet– had already stumbled across some items left behind by outsiders.

Anthropologists from Brazil’s indigenous authority FUNAI, which released the video of the tribe members encountering villagers in northern Brazil, said the tribal men carried metal screws, matches and a wallet with the logo of the popular Brazilian soccer club Corinthians in their satchels.

The Brazilian website UOL published this rare picture of the items.The Corinthians wallet is in the center of the image.


Brazilians joked about the incident online, with fans from Corinthians’ rivals poking some fun at the team.

“A Corinthians wallet? The isolated Indians are in serious danger now,” one person wrote.


But Corinthians fans boasted their team had now been “where no team has been before.”


“We are everywhere in Brazil,” Corinthians fan Davidson Fonseca said.


Anthropologists said they did not know how members of the tribe, which is believed to live along the Brazil-Peru border, acquired the Corinthians wallet.

Officials who spoke to UOL speculated the tribe members may have snatched the wallet from illegal loggers camps that are increasing in the border region.

According to The Guardian, members of the tribe fled their home deep in the Peruvian jungle to seek help after suffering “a murderous attack” from drug traffickers.

The British newspaper said that tribe members crossed into Brazil, where they sought assistance from the neighboring Ashaninka group.

The dense jungle that covers northwestern Brazil and eastern Peru is believed to house several tribes which have rare contact with the outside world.

The Brazilian government has declared some indigenous reservations in the jungle off-limits to outsiders. But drug traffickers and illegal loggers are increasingly encroaching on these areas, seeking to profit from the region’s resources.

Isolated tribes are extremely vulnerable to contact with the outside world because of their lack of exposure to Western diseases. Peruvian officials say that even items like tools and clothes can transmit germs which can harm them.

Brazilian anthropologists took pictures of the things carried by the tribe that recently sought contact, but did not confiscate any of the items.

After receiving some medical assistance, the tribe members trekked back into the jungle with their screws, matches and their famous Corinthians wallet.