Meet the ‘Burners’ at Burning Man 2014

The Burning Man caravan is on the road, here are some of the interesting people they’ve met in the Playa.


Playa Name: “White Rabbit”
From: Tokyo, Japan
Third time at Burning Man

“Here, everyone is a stranger but you still care deeply for them.”

Alistair Farland

From: Australia
First time at Burning Man

For the past two months, Farland has been on a motorcycle adventure traveling the coast of North America. He first began his trip in Alaska and has plas to make his way down to the far end tip of South America with a 50 dollar-a-day budget. You can follow his road trip via his instagram @whilstiwasout.

Daniel Cohen

Playa Name: “Parable”
From: Los Angeles, California
Artist, Owner of the Cinderella Carriage ‘Art Car’
Eighth year attending Burning Man

“I get to be a rockstar during the week. I pick up all the beautiful women and give them a ride. I get to do that for 12 hours a day, every day while at Burning Man.”


Playa Name: “Golden Shower”
From: Reno, Nevada
Tenth year attending Burning Man

“It took me six months to get used to the smell. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now,” said Jeremy, who’s in charge of clearing out the porta potties.


Playa Name: “Khan”
From: Long Beach, California
First time at Burning Man

“The foam party last night has been the best thing. You are dancing and at the same time washing yourself, washing other people. Next year I’ll make sure I bring more silly stuff and lots of toys.”